Rope guide made of polyester with stainless steel bow fittings, valid for installation in the NEO, HD HEAVY DUTY and SUPER models.

Measurements: 18 cm x 39 cm. 50 cm.

Made of PVC, very resistant, with inflation valve, available in 10 colors and different sizes.

Ref. K-DUC

Fabricado en Polietileno, con capacidad de 32 Lt., para instalación en integrado en popa, para los modelos SUN 520, NEO SPORT 550 Y 620.

Suitable for the WB550, WB620, NEO 550 and NEO 620 models, installed on the roof side walls, they provide extra storage space, leaving the roof free of obstacles.

MODELS HD-520, 550, 580 Y 620

Made of PRFV, this piece can be installed on the bow of the boat, providing extra storage space. It has an upper access porthole and optionally a mat can be placed to become a comfortable seat.

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