Roll bar

Stainless Steel and Aluminium roll bars fitted with preinstalled navigation lights.

  • 175-FT designed for FAST Series boats 7.5m lenght and over
    • Dimensions: 163,5 cm. x 178 cm. x 120 cm.
  • 175-SP for SUPER Series boats
    • Dimensions: 123,5 cm. x 178 cm. x 120 cm.
  • 135-BP designed for lengths ranging from 4m a 6.2m, except for the NEO SPORT Series.
    • Dimensions: 139,5 cm. x 104/67 cm. x 138/103cm
  • 135-NEO specially designed for the NEO SPORT Series and its the stern integrated seat.
    • Dimensions: 121,5 cm. x 104/67 cm. x 138/103 cm.
  • 150-SV suitable for models ranging from 7.5m to 12m. Black Aluminium.
    • Dimensions: 160 cm. x 180 cm. x 120 cm.

Available colors:

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