• The NARWHAL rescue boats have passed successfully the SOLAS most demanding tests, in order to achieve SOLAS approval, guarantying that the boats can perform their role as rescue boats even in the most adverse conditions.

    Due to their maneuverability and quick set-up, their main task is to recover fallen overboard crew members from the sea. They are also useful for vessel monitoring and maintenance as well as for grouping, towing and organizing life-rafts at sea.

    The NARWHAL SOLAS series is currently comprised of 3 models, ranging from 4.20 to 7.50 metres. The SV-420 and SV-480 models have been recently adapted to conform the latest SOLAS requirements, improving also their engine and towing capabilities. The SV-420 and SV-480 have enough room to place the SOLAS compulsory stretcher on deck. The SV-750 rescue boat model which is the biggest rescue boat length currently available on the market obtained recently also the SOLAS approval.