Work Boat


Our WB series is the ideal range for sailing in harsh sea conditions. Their V-shaped hull and high buoyancy tubes, that barely brush the water, allow them to surf the waves precisely and safety, even under adverse weather conditions. Excellent handling is guaranteed.

Side-lockers, perfect for storing spear guns, fishing tools and other gadgets, can be optionally fitted in all WB models.

The Narwhal WB620 is equipped with a double bow locker designed with independent upper & frontal hatches, which easies access to both compartments. And, optionally, the upper hatch can be upholstered and used as an extra seat. All WB Series boats may be fitted with an extra-height bow locker.

Our WB is a suitable range for those who search for an extensive use, tough, reliant and safe boat.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items