Our HD series is commonly used by divers, scientific surveyors, sport competition referees and support crews, as well as coastguard authorities. These are functional and professional boats intended for intensive usage. Designed with a "V"-shaped hull and fitted with buoyancy tubes engineered to permanently rest on water, our HDs offer great stability even when stalling. Both hull and deck are designed as one unit, guaranteeing longevity and endurance. Their spacious decks are fitted with anti-slip wooden floors, which help prevent onboard accidents, whilst allowing easy access for maintenance purposes. All steering cables are hidden and run through side pipes, aiming for obstacle-free decks. Any HD Series boats ranging from 5.5 to 6.7 m LOA may be fitted with a bow storage hatch. Models ranging from 5.5 to 6.2 m LOA  may also be ordered with a 100L under-deck fuel tank + bow storage hatch combo. Whereas the HD-670 may be fitted with a 200L under-deck fuel tank.

  • Our new ONS range for diving and underwater fishing is set apart by its pronounced “V” shaped hull and uneven diameter buoyancy tube (broad at the stern and slim at the bow). These boats feature an ample deck, given by their increased inner beam, and great storage space provided by the integrated stern seat compartment and a large storage bow locker. If further storage is needed, under-deck compartments can be enabled by optionally installing deck floor hatches. ONS Series Boats are tough, robust and resilient, hence perfect for extensive use.


    Our WB series is the ideal range for sailing in harsh sea conditions. Their V-shaped hull and high buoyancy tubes, that barely brush the water, allow them to surf the waves precisely and safety, even under adverse weather conditions. Excellent handling is guaranteed.

    Side-lockers, perfect for storing spear guns, fishing tools and other gadgets, can be optionally fitted in all WB models.

    The Narwhal WB620 is equipped with a double bow locker designed with independent upper & frontal hatches, which easies access to both compartments. And, optionally, the upper hatch can be upholstered and used as an extra seat. All WB Series boats may be fitted with an extra-height bow locker.

    Our WB is a suitable range for those who search for an extensive use, tough, reliant and safe boat.

  • The Narwhal WB-620 & WB-550 FISHER have been especially designed to meet the specific needs of leisure fishermen. Given their “V” shaped hull and elevated tubes that barely brush the water, those are the ideal boats for strong swell seas. The Narwhal WB-620 & WB-550 are equipped with plenty of accessories: their  bow locker and side-lockers are intended for storing spear guns, fishing tools and other gadgets. Their  spacious decks are protected with GRP sides panels and buoyancy tube reinforcements, which prevent any damage to the boat while manipulating fishing equipment, hence making the WB-620 FISHER the ideal choice for fishermen in need of a resistant and strong work boat. The FISHER model features the newest Narwhal 130G console with remote steering wheel, a wide windshield and a special fishing toolbox for hooks, fishing lines. And it is uniquely fitted with a 90-litre multifunction livewell that seats underneath its upholstered double-leaning post, plus several fishing rod holders.