Our FAST DYNAMIC OFFSHORE series boats are well known for their great acceleration and their aerodynamic buoyancy tubes that enable these boats to quickly reach high speeds.  Their “V”-shaped hull with reinforced lamination allow them to surf the waves neatly, offering great stability even in the most adverse conditions. Their spacious decks are fitted with anti-slip wooden floors and exceptional freeboard, making them very safe and comfortable for both crew and passengers.  Optionally, their navigation range may be increased by fitting them with under-deck fuel tanks.

    Tough and spacious, this sToughteries offers great freeboard and an ample anti-slip treated deck, thus providing great stability and safety for passengers. They are designed for long distance cruising, filming, whale watching, group diving and for all other sea-related tourism activities.  They are often used as support boats in sport competitions. Since passenger safety is a must for tourist/charter operators, Narwhal offers different seating arrangements options for our SP Series, ensuring that all passengers can be comfortably accommodated. It is fitted with a stern-integrated seat and an anti-backflow transom that ensures the deck stays dry. Optionally, all SP Heavy Duty Offshore Series boats can be equipped with large capacity under-deck fuel tanks, hence increasing their navigation range.