Our NEO SPORT and FISHER Series were specially designed for scuba diving and fishing ventures, but are also very popular as fun and leisure boats. Their V-shaped hull guarantees smooth sailing and their appealing buoyancy tubes make them safe and easy to handle. They are well-equipped and offer ample storage space: NEO SPORT and FISHER Series boats are fitted with a foldable integrated console (except for the Neo Fisher 550), 2 large bow lockers and an extra spacious locker under the integrated stern seat. Their anti-backflow transom ensures that the deck stays dry and they are fitted with several intelligently placed grips for passenger safety.


    Our SUN H Series are perfect for family fun and safe sailing. They offer an ample deck and a wide stern, which are fitted with confortable roller back-double seats and spacious under seat lockers. Their bow locker, can be used as an extra seat, since their upper hatch can optionally be upholstered. The navigation console front area can also be upholstered and converted into a small sun bed. All grips are stainless steel and water-ski towing bars can easily be installed.