inox accessories

Made of stainless steel, with pre-installed navigation and anchor lights.

  • 175-FT for boats of the FAST series from 7.50 mt.
    • Measurements: 163.5 cm. x 178 cm. x 120 cm.
  • 175-SP for boats of the SUPER series
    • Measurements: 123.5 cm. x 178 cm. x 120 cm.
  • 135-BP for lengths from 4 to 6.20 mt., except NEO SPORT series
    • Measurements: 139.5 cm. x 104/67 cm. x 138 / 103cm
  • 135-NEO special for Neo SPORT models, height adapted to the integrated seat
    • Measurements: 121,5 cm. x 104/67 cm. x 138/103 cm.
  • 150-SV suitable for models from 7.50 to 12 mt., made of black lacquered aluminum.
    • Measurements: 160 cm. x 180 cm. x 120 cm.

Suitable for NEO-620, SUN, SP or FAST models, maximum length 7.00 mt. and with a single motor installed.

Made of stainless steel, with transverse steps and upper grip railing, with GRP support platform. Suitable for SUPER AND FAST models, length greater than 7.00 m, folding on the float, on the PTO or on the light arch, as the case may be.

Bottle rack with capacity for 20 bottles, made of stainless steel, with central division, suitable for models from 7.50 mt. at 12 mt.

Bottle rack made of GRP with stainless steel fittings. With capacity for 20 bottles, with two lockers on the sides for supplies and 3 openings at the bottom to stow equipment. Suitable for models from 7.50 mt. at 12 mt.

Measurements: 2.28 cm. x 1.18 cm. x 75 cm.

Manufactured in AISI 316 INOX tube, it is proposed in different sizes to adapt it to lengths from 6.20 to 12 meters. At the top it has an acrylic fabric awning, available in different colors to match the finish of the boat. On request, the installation of navigation lights is possible.

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