Narwhal, more than 60 years manufacturing inflatable boats.
Designed and manufactured in Spain by Narwhal Boats.


All models from 4 to 7.50 m. in length have passed the required tests that guarantee the boat’s buoyancy in extreme conditions, guaranteeing its buoyancy even with part of the float deflated.


Special MONOBLOCK union of hull and deck, fused in a single body, soundproof, without vibrations, without tension, distributing the fatigue of the material throughout the whole and increasing its RESISTANCE, manufactured with high purity resins.  The hulls are internally injected with expanded polyurethane, achieving a compact block thanks to the structure reinforced with frames and floors, which withstands the harshest maritime conditions.


Made of high tenacity PVC material and double weft, withstanding friction and extreme temperatures between -30 ºC and +70 ºC. Union mechanized by high pressure and temperature, melting all the layers in a three times stronger than the material itself, totally airtight. Optionally, it can be manufactured in PU polyurethane, which has greater resistance to solvents, hydrocarbons and solar aging. All have safety valves to control excess pressure due to impacts or unforeseen temperature increases.


The certified manufacturing system, QUALITY ISO 9001: 2015, ensures the control of all the production processes in its different phases and certifies the correct management in the design of all the boats manufactured.


1 YEAR for professional use and 2 YEARS for recreative use for all components, complying with the conditions of use and maintenance established in the warranty document.