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Standard equipement

  • GRP unsinkable hull
  • Polypropylene/aluminum transom plates
  • Mooring/towing & lifting rings
  • PU Polyurethane Buoyancy tube
  • Automatic relief valves
  • Aluminum boat hook-paddle
  • Retainers for fuel tank
  • Folding fisherman benches
  • Bowdodger
  • Pocket for line
  • Bow locker for equipment
  • “D” rings with rope
  • Reinforced wide rubbing strake fender
  • Fastening for righting rope
  • Pocket for position light
  • Reflective SOLAS labels
  • Reinforced stern cones

SOLAS equipment

  • 1 Four-legged lifting sling
  • 2 Righting line
  • 1 Boat cover
  • 1 Boarding ladder
  • 1 Bow release device
  • 1 Footpump
  • 1 Line for hauling raft (50M)
  • 1 Radar reflector
  • 1 Searchlight 12V 50W
  • 1 Fire-extinguiser
  • 1 Torch and spares
  • 1 Compass
  • 1 Possition light
  • 1 First aid kit
  • 1 Whistle
  • 2 Thermal protective aids
  • 2 Life saving quoits
  • 2 Aluminum boat-hook paddles
  • 1 Knif
  • 1 Bailer
  • 2 Sponges
  • 1 Floating anchor

In compliance with the latest S.O.L.A.S. requirements, the new rescue boat SV-480 layout has been designed and approved in order to allow navigation in optimal driving position, as well as navigation with traditional outboard engine with tiller. Approved for a minimum 40 HP engine and maximum 75 HP, the driving position enables a more comfortable boat operation, improving the reaction time in case of emergency. There is room enough on the deck to place the relevant mandatory stretcher for injured person transportation. Additionally, the boat has transverse seats for all the passengers and a bow locker to storage the necessary equipment.

SV-480 complies with SOLAS 1974 as amend­med and also with the Directive 96/98/CE, amended by the Directive 2002/75/EC on Marine Equipment (MED), under the EC TYPE-EXAMINATION CERTIFICATON MED-B-9278. According to this certification, the SV-420 and SV-480 can be fitted as rescue boats in all vessels with Community flag and in any country where SOLAS rules are accepted. Each boat is supplied with its corresponding Conformity Declaration, with its identification plate and with maintenance and user manuals.


Hand-made by the traditional LAYER-OVER-LAYER, thus allowing their individual control, one by one, avoiding osmosis and other possible faults, quite frequent in other production processes. UNSINKABLE-MONOBLOCK-GRP laminated hulls, pressure-compacted with POLYURETHANE closed cells, achieving a solid body soundless and without vibrations. Even if the hull is accidentally broken, the boat still floats.


Produced with last generation Tritex®, a DOUBLE-THRED HIGH-TENACITY POLYESTER fabric calenderer on both sides with the latest technology formulas, more resistant to weathering, tear and abrasion. It withstands temperatures between –30 C and +70 C.


All joints are assembled by THERMO-WELDING with reinforced strips bonded together into a single body, more resistant than Tritex® material itself.


They automatically release the excess of pressure produced by mistakes in the inflation process or by the increase of temperature, thus avoiding eventual burst.


The production of all NARWHAL boats, including the rescue boats, is certified by the System of Quality ISO 9001:2008, under #149609-2014 AQ-IB-ENAC, which ensures the control on the different stages on the production process and certifies the right management and design of every single boat.


The demanding tests the rescue boats have successfully been through in order to achieve SOLAS approval, guarantee that they can perform their role as rescue boats even when facing the most adverse situations. The boats are guaranteed for ONE YEAR by the manufacturer in normal conditions of use and maintenance and in subject to the GUARANTEE  DOCUMENT.

Available colors:

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Data sheet

Lenght overall 480 cm
Inside lenght 354 cm
Beam overall 210 cm
Inside beam 110 cm
Maximum depth 100 cm
Maximum tube Ø 51 cm
Chambers 5+1
Maximum engine power 40/50/60 ó 75 HP
Engine shaft type L
Max. authorized PAX no. 6
Max. authorized load 718 kg
Approx. weight of boat 250 kg
Approval S.O.L.A.S.