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  • Reinforced PU Buoyancy Tube
  • Mooring rope
  • Rope line guide
  • Single Point Hoisting System
  • Henriksen Quick Release Mechanism
  • Self Righting System (CO2 operated)
  • 200L Fuel Tank
  • SUPER-150 Console
  • 2 x JS1 Jockey Seats
  • Stainless Steel Leaning Post with upholstered support
  • Lifebuoy with rope


  • Inboard Diesel: VOLVO D3-220 HP (SOLAS)
  • Propulsion: Hamilton HJ213 Jet


  • SOLAS Approved Stretcher
  • SOLAS Approved Electronic Equipment Pack

The FRB700 Rigid Inflatable Fast Rescue Boat is designed for rescue operations on the high seas. It is designed for 3 crew, hence fitted on 2 x JS1 Jockey seats and a leaning post for the pilot, and a stretcher. Its wide console protects the pilot against the wind and sea spray, whilst providing sufficient space to install state-of-the-art electronic equipment, as well as the engine compartment.

It is connected to the single point hoisting system with a Henriksen quick release mechanism, which allows for a swift and stable deployment and retrieval.

It is equipped with a 220HP VOLVO inboard diesel engine and a Hamilton Water Jet propulsion system. Fuel is supplied via a 200L under deck fuel tank, which allows for an average endurance of 4 hours and maximum speed of 32 Kn.

The A Frame located at the rear incorporates self-righting system, a radar reflector, a life buoy and navigation lights.

The transom has a built-in hatch, which facilitates visual checks of the turbine, as well as bilge pumps for self-draining of the hull.

The deep V-shape hull allows smooth sailing and maneuverability, whilst its reinforced structure offers greater resistance and life span.

The deck is made of a reinforced fiberglass board and treated with a non-slip and fireproof coating.


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Data sheet

Lenght overall 6.98 m (22' 10.8")
Inside lenght 5.54 m (18' 2.11")
Beam overall 2.77 m (9' 1,06")
Inside beam 1.60 m (5' 2.99")
Maximum depth 1.60 m (5' 2.99")
Max. tube Ø 0.59 m (1' 11.23")
Chambers 6
Propulsion Hamilton HJ213 Water Jet
Maximum speed 4 people 32 Kn
Fuel Tank Capacity 200 l (52.83 US Gal/hr)
Consumption 46.50 l/hr (12.88 US Gal/hr)
Engine Endurance 4 hr
Max. authorized PAX no. 7 PAX (including crew) + 1 (Stretcher)
Empty Weight 1617 Kg (3,564.88 lbs)
Displacement 2546 Kg (5,612.97 lbs)
Max. authorized load 929 Kg (2,048.09 lbs)
Approval SOLAS Rigid Inflated Fast Rescue Boat